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 English ~ Language Arts ~ Writing ~ Grammar:             Back to Top 

The Young Writers Club -

·         This club aims to encourage children of all ages to enjoy writing as a creative pastime by getting them to share their work and help each other improve their writing abilities.  Young authors can write their best stuff and send it in to be published on the web

Create Your Own Newspaper ~

  • A FREE site that lets kids create their very own newspapers.

Kid Pub ~

  • Another place for kids to publish their stories on the Web. ~

  • Writing.Com is the online community for writers and readers of all interests and skill levels. Whether you're an enthusiastic, creative writer looking for the perfect place to store and display your writing online or a casual reader searching for a good story, Writing.Com is the website for you!

Bartleby Great Books, Quotes, etc. ~

  • The preeminent Internet publisher of literature, reference and verse providing students, researchers and the intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and information on the web, free of charge.

Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World ~

Math:                                                                                           Back to Top 

The Math Forum Student Center -

·         Take a math quiz with a set of electronic flash cards.  Connects to a site called A+ Math that asks math questions and immediately lets kids know if the answers are right. Math Baseball -

·         Get a bat ready and keep an eye on the pitch . . . Here it comes: “8+7=?”  Take a swing by answering “15.”  Kids have fun practicing math.

  • Great place for any level math student!

Brain Teasers ~

  • Divided among grades these brainteasers can be used for lesson openers or to integrate math into other parts of the curriculum.  One teaser is presented each week, though archived teasers are available.

Science ~ Health:                                                                         Back to Top 

Exploratorium ExploraNet -

·         Don’t just read about science in books, actually try some experiments.

The Nine Planets -

·         This is an overview of the history and current scientific knowledge of the planets and moons in our solar system.

the Yuckiest site on the internet -

  • Maybe the teacher won’t talk about boogers, but this web site will.  Kids can click the names of body parts to learn about things they might be embarrassed to ask a real person about.

The Franklin Institute Science Museum -

  • Visiting the museum’s web site is almost as good as visiting the museum in person.  The awesome exhibits here cover every area of science from earthquakes to living things to Ben Franklin himself.

Bill Nye the Science Guy -

  • Bill’s lab is open to online visitors any time.  The sites on this tour just might make science everybody’s new favorite subject.

How Things Work ~

  • From the author of a physics book on how everyday things work, this site features questions and answers about how things work.

An Inquirer’s Guide to the Universe ~

  • Excellent Site!  It is devoted to space, science fact and fiction, and writing about space (students can post writings on the site).  It also contains suggestions on how to use this guide in the classroom.

Ask Dr. Science ~

  • Ask Dr. Science is a humorous, yet not quite scientific, site where Dr. Science answers you science questions.  There is also a Question of the Day.

JASON Project ~

  • A great site, it is one for all teachers!  The JASON Foundation for Education sponsors an annual scientific expedition which is the focus of an original curriculum developed for grades 4 – 8.  During the expedition, students can take part in a live, interactive program.

Science Learning Network ~

  • Funded by the National Science Foundation, the Science Learning Network (SLN) is an online community of educators, students, schools, science museums, and other institutions demonstrating a new model for inquiry science education.

National Geographic for Kids ~

  • Science – based action for kids.

Human Anatomy Online ~

  • Explore the body’s inner workings.  This site lets you pick a certain body system and then guides you along to related illustrations or anatomy descriptions.

Living Things ~

  • Principles of life sciences: this section id devoted to helping people understand the dynamics involved in life science research and observation.

Chem – 4 – Kids ~

  • Chemistry made easy:  Get kid – oriented explanations and activities on elements and how they combine to make compounds, as wall as basic terminology and novel ways to comprehend chemistry concepts. ~

  • You have a choice to look at it as an adult, a kid or a teen.  This site is presented by the Nemours Foundation and created by pediatric medical experts. 

Rate Your Diet ~

  • Test your nutritional know – how: Here’s a quick, easy little quiz you can take to determine how healthily you eat.

Social Studies ~ History ~ Geography:                                             Back to Top 

A Presidential Exploration -

·         It’s tough to become a U. S. president.  Here you will find information about the presidents of the United States.

This Day in History -

  • Kids know that July 4th is an important date in history.  Check out what else has happened on an important date.

Culture Quest -

  • Here’s a place to spend the day living like kids in another country.  Visitors are taken to Japan, South Africa, and Russia just to name a few places.

1492: An Ongoing Voyage ~

  • From the Library of Congress, this site is a feature – packed enriching lesson on the voyage of Columbus and the impacts of the discovery of the New World.  It offers maps and other historical documents.

America’s Life Histories – Manuscripts from the Federal Writer’s Project ~

  • The Federal Writer’s Project was a Depression – Era government plan that put writers to work chronicling the history of the country in the words of those who lived through it.  This site contains 1,000s of interviews done for this project.

Atlapedia Online ~

  • Atlapedia Online contains key information on every country of the world.  Each country profile provides facts and data on geography, climate, people, religion, language, history and economy, making it ideal for personal or family education and students of all ages.

Eyewitness – History Through the Eyes of Those Who Lived It ~

  • Using diaries, interviews, newspaper storied, and other first – hand sources, this site recounts historical events such as Custer’s Last Stand and the Great San Francisco Earthquake.

History Channel ~

HyperHistory ~

  • This site contains time lines to stories on major world events.  A very effective resource for all students and teachers.

U.S. Historical Documents ~          or

  • From the Magna Carta to president’s speeches, this site has the historical record of the United States.

World’s Greatest Speeches ~

  • This site contains excerpts (and full versions) of many of the greatest speeches ever recorded.  You will need Real Player to hear them.

Helping Learn Geography ~

How Far Is It? ~

  • Fun way to track the distance between two locations: type the name of two cities or locations into the To and From boxes and get calculations “as the crow flies” of the distance between them.

Museums:                                                                                  Back to Top 

American Museum of Natural History -

  • Studying natural history is all about learning the earth’s life story.  Most history classes cover important topics like wars, kings, and scientists.

The Smithsonian Institution -

  • This group of museums in Washington, D.C., collects everything from dinosaur bones to the first airplane.

All Around Sites for Kids:                                                            Back to Top 

International Youth Hall of Fame ~

·         Helps communities come together to recognize, celebrate, encourage, document and publicize the positive efforts of their youth who are make a difference at home, in school, and in the community.

KidsCom -

  • Kids’ opinions count.  Every week a new poll lets members say what they think about issues.  Kids send in thoughts, and then they can read about what other kids think about issues.

National Geographic for Kids -

  • The adventurers travel the planet to check out amazing people, places, and animals.

The Discovery Channel -

  • Here is a personal ticket to worlds most people have never seen.

Reference ~ Research:                                                                Back to Top 

Biography -

·         Biographies cover lots of people besides just the names in history books. –

·         It only takes a few seconds to catch up to one of the fastest men in history.

Internet Public Library ~

  • This site features online lessons covering the Internet and other areas and contains a wide array of resources for students and teachers.

CIA World Factbook ~

  • The CIA has put online an incredible resource for students and teachers.  From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, and all countries in between, a wealth of facts is at your fingertips.

Roget’s Thesaurus ~

Dictionary ~

Embassy Pages ~

  • The most comprehensive embassy and consulate resource on the internet. Nearly every embassy and consulate in the world is included in the directory, with contact details for more than 22,000 representations - corresponding to around 95 per cent of all diplomatic and consular representations worldwide. New representations are frequently being added, and existing representations are frequently being updated.

Library of Congress ~

  • Full text access to current bills under consideration in the U. S. House of Representatives and Senate, and you can view changing exhibitions from the Library of Congress literary holdings.

National Archives Online Exhibit Hall ~

  • Historic documents for grades 6 to 12.

White House ~

  • Explore the residence of the U. S. president.  This site offers a tour of the White House and many other things.

American Memory ~

  • Documents of diversity: Oral histories, maps, papers, videos, photography and more bring American history alive online.  Sponsored by the Library of Congress.

My Virtual Reference Desk ~

  • This is a wonderful place to find the latest and most reliable resources for research.

Teacher’s Ideas:                                                                      Back to Top 

Global School House ~

  • The Global Schoolhouse is the original virtual meeting place where
    educators, students, parents and community members can collaborate,
    interact, develop, publish and discover learning resources.